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Snow Park

Jumps, rails, kicks, snowy mountain panorama, cool music...

A small well-prepared snow park for enthusiastic snowboarders and free skiers. Since safety has priority mainly boxes are used as obstacles. The boxes could be bought in summer 2008 from the Sportbahnen on Winterhorn. In recent winters the park could acquire additional elements. Now we have features like kickers, picknickers, boxes and rails. For beginners or advanced an unforgettable freestyle experience.


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Boarder weekend: A mix of sport, fun and partying.

Next to the central turntable Grotzenbüel. In the immediate vicinity of the mountain restaurants Chämistube and Plütterhütte.
Verein Snowpark Braunwald
Rino Odermatt
Fenzgasse 17
8755 Ennenda
+41 78 866 33 80
Braunwald - pure nature - no cars - real winter