Llama Trekking

Llama trekking at Märchenhotel Bellevue

Walking with animals through Braunwald

Has it been one of your dreams, to take a short trip with llamas and alpacas? Every Thursday the Märchenhotel Bellevue organizes lama trekking (about 2 hours) from 14:00 hours (in good weather) and a llama walk (1 hour) on Sunday.
The two llamas Montana and Fritz as well as the two alpacas Sam and Frodo will accompany you, and of course you can also guide the animals.

Information and booking:

Märchenhotel Bellevue
+41 55 653 71 71

Lama-Trekking (Hotel-Gäste)Erwachsene: CHF 12Kinder (6-14J): 5
Lama-Trekking (Externe Gäste)Erwachsene: CHF 15Kinder (6-14J): 8
Lama Spaziergang (Hotel Gäste)KostenlosKostenlos
Lama Spaziergang (Externe Gäste)Erwachsene: CHF 12Kinder (6-14J): 5


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