Panorama hike


An unforgettable hiking experience: the panoramic circular walk with the most beautiful view of the Glarus Alps.

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Wandertour   Ascent   Descent   Distance   Duration
easy 412 m 412 m 8.9 km 3 h
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Grotzenbüel (1'559 m ü. M.) ⇒ Chnügrat ⇒ Seblengrat
⇒ Gumen (1'901 m ü. M.) ⇒ Ortstockhaus ⇒ Grotzenbüel.

Panorama hike

The panorama hike is a technically easy circular walk. The view over the southern part of the Glarnerland with its characteristic mountains Ortstock and Tödi impresses again and again.

From the Grotzenbüel, the slightly ascending path leads to the Kneugrat (elevation difference about 320 meters), in about 55 minutes, where you can expect a magnificent view of the Bächital and the Glarus Alps. From the Kneugrat you hike in about 20 minutes on the almost equally high situated Seblengrat. From there you go through the ice gallery - a natural spectacle - on the Gumen. The Gumen - a popular starting point for climbing experiences (Via Ferrata and climbing area) doesn’t only offer a breathtaking panorama of the Tödi and Ortstock mountain, but also a variety of plants. Via the Ortstockhaus, the path descends slightly in about 1 ½ hours back to the Grotzenbüel.

Whether it’s with coffee and cake in the mountain restaurant of Gumen, Ortstockhaus or Chämistube, or during the barbecuing at one of the open fireplaces, or on a trip to the fairytale kingdom of the dwarf Bartli (the dwarf castle, the dwarf cave and the gemstone cleft), the panorama hike invites you to linger, and guarantees you having an unforgettable hiking experience.


Cable car experience: Shorten the hike with a ride on the Gumenbahn.
Protected plants area: keep an eye out for the Edelweiss, fire lilies, white mountain lilies and the Turk’s cap lilies in July.


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