Berglistüber Waterfall

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Not far from the Bergli restaurant, you can already hear the roar of the wonderful, torrentuous waterfall, the Berglistüber. From the Bergli (parking available), a 5-minute walk through the forest takes you to this unique natural spectacle. The visit to this beautiful waterfall can be included as part of a trip to the Klausen Pass. Alternatively, take the PostBus from Linthal Station in the direction of the Klausen Pass.

Impressively, the Fätschbach river has carved its way into the limestone in recent times, falling from the Urnerboden at an altitude of 1,200 m via three waterfalls to the valley floor of the Linth at 720 m. As early as 1897, the middle of these three falls, the "Berglistüber", was described as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland. Visitors who venture behind the "water curtain" comfortably reach the outcrop of the thrust fault. The rock face consists of about 150 million year old winter limestone from the so-called Griesstock Nappe. The underlying shale rocks are of about 50 million year old flysch rock, which was deposited over the bedrock and has barely shifted since that time.

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