Via ferrata in Braunwald

Alpine via ferrata over the Eggstöcke peaks - a unique experience!

Would you like to get away from the daily routine even further? No problem. Thanks to the via ferrata (protected climbing routes), the Eggstöcke are also accessible to inexperienced climbers who want to go higher. The reward is an unforgettable mountain experience at high altitudes and the knowledge that you have done something out of the ordinary. A must for nature lovers with no fear of heights.

The unforgettable mountain experience at high altitudes!

The via ferrata are located on the Eggstöcke, above the Gumen, which is easy to reach via the Gumenbahn (cable railway).

Opening hours:

All via ferrata routes are open

Route summary

  • Tour of the “Leiteregg” (blue) with safety rope (difficulty approx. K3): 2.5 to 3.5 hours
  • Tour of the “Vorder - Mittler Eggstock” (red) with safety rope (difficulty approx. K3): 2.5 to 5.5 hours
  • Tour of the “Vorder - Hinter Eggstock” (black) with safety rope (difficulty approx. K5): 5.5 to 6.5 hours

Find out about the current accessibility on www.klettersteige.ch or call +41 79 612 81 83.
The via ferrata lead over four peaks. The routes are always on the ridge. Hence the view is directed towards the impressive landscape in the north and south during the entire crossing. A ½ hour walk to the entrance and ¾ hour walk back to the Gumen make these trails so unique. Added to this is a landscape that could not be more impressive. Find out about the technique - this ascent is definitely worth the effort.

User regulations

  • Wear good trekking or hiking boots
  • Think about warm clothes - even in summer
  • Rain protection goes without saying
  • Do not go without a climbing harness
  • With a certified via ferrata set and the associated fall brake
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory
  • The “12 mm steel” safety rope is permanently fixed and should never be left

Important notes:

Tape loops, cords, etc. tear in a fall from a certain height. This can have fatal consequences. If you notice any damage to the equipment, please inform Kessler Sport on +41 79 612 81 83 or in the Berggasthaus Gumen.

Equipment rental:

You can rent the climbing equipment via online reservation at www.kesslersport.ch, phone +41 79 612 81 83 or directly on arrival at the Berggasthaus Gumen.

Current / summer season:

Monday-Sunday (daily in via ferrata weather), 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
Return of rental equipment on location by arrangement. Information and reservations: Walti Kessler, 079 612 81 83, www.kesslersport.ch

Via ferrata experience with SBB RailAway

Benefit from reduced rate travel direct to the via ferrata. You will find all information here.

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