Dwarf Bartli Adventure


On a voyage of discovery in Braunwald with the droll dwarf Bartli

Far at the end of Glarnerland, high above the valley, hidden under big pine trees, there’s a tiny house, brown like pine tree bark. Its inhabitant, dwarf Bartli, just woke up from hibernation. He’s pleased with the first warm rays of sun and the bright flowers that announce the spring.

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easy 8.3 km 3.5 h
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Dwarf Bartli Adventure

From half of Europe, children travel with their parents to the car-free village of Braunwald, where they follow in the footsteps of dwarf Bartli.

At the mighty “Brummbach” waterfall, you can visit the small wooden cottage of Aunt Tiidi, who, once upon a time, mended the dwarf's trousers. At the gemstone cleft, where Bartli found the bright red gem, his pickaxe and his miner's lamp are still to be found. One might think that he had just jumped out of the miniature canyon, perhaps up into his cave, where his tiny table and his tiny bed are. Again, he can’t be far, because the miner's lamp is still flickering and some of his mid-morning snack, which children have laid out for him, is still on the plate.

However, when he’s not at home, you might just find him in the dwarf's castle at the impressive cleft in the rock, where the Dwarf King's throne stands. The candles are burning, and the last flowers of the great dwarf ball lie around in the Hall of Mirrors.
You can visit the adventures of Dwarf Bartli from mid-June to the end of October. During this time, the signs are placed and the scenes have been equipped.

On your route, various fireplaces invite you to roast sausages “en route”.
In winter, dwarf Bartli hibernates. Then you better read the book "Der Zwerg Bartli"!

Possible hiking routes

The entire trail:
Gumen ⇒ Braunwaldalp Oberstafel ⇒ Zwergenschloss (dwarf castle)
⇒ Edelsteinspalte (gemstone cleft) ⇒ Zwergenhöhle (dwarf cave) ⇒ Rindenhüttli (bark hut) ⇒ Grotzenbüel ⇒ Zwergenturm (dwarf tower) ⇒ Wasserspielplatz (water playground) ⇒Tiidis Hüsli (Tiidis house) ⇒ Musiktruhe (Music chest) Braunwald
3 h 30 min (pure hiking time), easy

Variant 1:

Gumen ⇒ Zwergenschloss (dwarf castle) ⇒ Edelsteinspalte (gemstone cleft) ⇒ Zwergenhöhle (dwarf cave) ⇒ Rindenhüttli (bark hut) ⇒ Grotzenbüel
1 h 40 min (pure hiking time), easy

Variant 2:

Grotzenbüel ⇒ Zwergenturm (dwarf tower) ⇒ Zauberwald (magic forest) ⇒ Wasserspielplatz (water playground) ⇒ Tiidis Hüsli (Tiidis house) ⇒ Musiktruhe (Music chest) at the Braunwaldbahn Mountain Station.
1 h 55 m (pure hiking time), easy

Variant 3:

Grotzenbüel ⇒ Rindenhüttli (bark hut) -(Zwergenhöhle- / dwarf cave) ⇒ Edelsteinspalte (gemstone cleft) ⇒ Grotzenbüel
1 h 10 m (pure hiking time), easy

Variant 4 (suitable for pushchairs)

Grotzenbüel ⇒ Zwergenturm (dwarf tower) ⇒ via Schwändiberg to the Musiktruhe (music chest) at the Braunwaldbahn Mountain Station
1 h 30 m (pure hiking time), easy
The stations Rindenhüttli (bark hut), Zwergenturm (dwarf tower) and Musiktruhe (music chest) are accessible for pushchairs.

Variant 5 (without cable car):

Braunwald ⇒ Tiidis Hüsli ⇒ water playground ⇒ magic forest ⇒ dwarf tower ⇒ Braunwald
1 h 15 m (pure hiking time), easy


The Dwarf Bartli Adventure Trail is suitable for children over the age of three.
As a souvenir of the stay with dwarf Bartli, various dwarf Bartli souvenirs (books, caps, keychains, backpacks) can be purchased at the tourist office.

Family deals

Package deals for families: Dwarf Bartli card
Wander the Braunwalder fairy tale "Dwarf Bartli" with your entire family. Unlimited trips on the funicular, cable cars and chair lifts, for 1 or 2 adults and up to 5 children (including godchildren, friends, etc.)

1 day
From Linthal / without Halbtax: CHF 84.00
From Linthal / with Halbtax: CHF 67.00
From Braunwald / without Halbtax: CHF 60.00
From Braunwald / with Halbtax: CHF 51.00


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