Dwarf Bartli for the youngest


The pushchair-friendly variant of the Dwarf Bartli Experience Trail

Difficulty Fitness Beauty Popularity

Wandertour   Descent   Duration
easy 300 m 1.5 h
Starting point of the tour


Destination of the tour



Grotzenbüel - Sackberg - Hüttenberg - Dorf

The variant for the smallest

Behind the seven mountains, far back in the southern Glarus region lies the dwarf kingdom of Braunwald. There lives a dwarf with a long white beard, red pants and a green jerkin. It’s dwarf Bartli and he has awakened from hibernation again this summer. Dwarf Bartli is happy about the warm sunshine, the bright flowers, lush meadows and the beautiful mountains. His bright eyes blink happily and mischievously out into the world. Full of energy they look over mountain and valley.

For families who are traveling with a pushchair, the way from Grotzenbüel to the village is suitable. 18 display panels tell the story of the droll dwarf. On the way, both young and old can practice an activity in and in conjunction with nature at every panel.
From the Grotzenbüel (start at the mountain restaurant) the route takes you to Tipicamp. From there you follow the path towards the village. If you like, you can take a detour to the dwarf tower at Tipicamp, which is about 10 minutes away.

The stations Rindenhüttli, Dwarf Cave, Gemstone cleft and the Dwarf Castle can also be reached with an all-terrain stroller from the Grotzenbüel (note: not from Gumen).
You can discover the adventures of Dwarf Bartli from mid-June to the end of October. From then on, the venues are fully equipped and offer plenty to discover.

An insider tip for the children

Next to the tourist office is the music chest containing the melody of the summer. If you know the (numeral) code, the melody sounds. You can get the tip at the tourist office.


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