Hikingtour Braunwald - Oberblegisee


The deep blue Oberblegi lake is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Switzerland and exudes much mysticism because of its unexplored runoff. Wild mountain streams and a wonderful alpine flora surround this natural spectacle. This hike is especially popular with families and schools for their school trips, as it is ideal for picnics, sunbathing and swimming.

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Wandertour   Ascent   Descent   Distance   Duration
easy 191 m 654 m 9 km 3 h
Starting point of the tour

Grotzenbühl, Braunwald

Destination of the tour

Luchsingen, Brunnenbergbahn


Braunwald, Bergstation Braunwaldbahn (1'256 m ü. M.) ⇒ Grotzenbüel ⇒ Braunwaldalp-Unterstafel ⇒ Alp Bösbächi, Alpkäserei ⇒ Bächialp ⇒ Oberblegisee (1'422 m ü. M.) ⇒ Bergstation Luftseilbahn Brunnenberg ⇒ Luchsingen

The hike starts on the Grotzenbüel (which you reach by the cable car Hüttenberg-Grotzenbüel) and begins with a gently sloping path, while you enjoy a magnificent panorama of the mowing slope (Unterstafel) of the Braunwald Alp. A path that leads across meadows and through light forests, “flows” into the valley of Bösbächi. There you enjoy authentic regional foods and drinks in the cozy restaurant Bächistübli. An lovely mountain trail then leads to the Oberblegi lake.

Once you arrive, it is time to pause and be enchanted by the breathtaking scenery. A sound bouncing off the impressive Glärnischmassiv echoes loudly. From there you walk past the middle panel of the Oberblegialp downhill to the mountain station of the Brunnenbergbahn. The cable car takes you to Luchsingen, and from there it’s either back to Linthal by train or out of the valley directly towards home.

Information and hints:

Operating hours cable car Grotzenbüel
Departure times of the Brunnenbergbahn.


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